Toastmasters Speech Timer

This in an unoffical timer for Toastmasters International format speeches, built by myself, Caleb Grove. I build websites professionally, so let me help your business succeed online.


Using this timer is pretty dang easy. Just select the speech format you are timing for, customize the times if you so desire, and press “Start”. When the rousing speech is concluded, hit “Stop” and elbow the Ah-Counter. Or not. You can also start and stop the timer by mashing the spacebar.

Offline Support

At friend’s wedding? Lost in the Alps? On the Metro? You can now practice your speeches anywhere, because this timer works offline! So long as you opened this website recently with an up-to-date browser, you can return to time your speeches just about anywhere.

A Cheeky App

If you are using an iOS device, you can convert this website into an app. Just tap on the sharing icon in Safari, and smash “Add to Home Screen”. If you use Android, well, you’re on your own.


If you have cool ideas, don’t use the Pony Express to send me a letter. What are you thinking? They went out of business 150 years ago! Instead, email ’em to hi@grovedesign.co